People and Planet


Sustainability isn’t an add on, a “nice to do” or an aspiration for Sioda. Playing our part to secure a safe, stable environment for ourselves and our future generations is THE primary reason our company exists. It's the reason our MD risked everything to leave a fulfilling, stable, well-paying public sector career.

When it comes to action, we know everyone has a responsibility to do what they can to protect the planet. But we also believe that business, government and leaders must do more, faster, to make it easier for us all to do the right thing. So we’ve turned our attention to the fashion industry - one of the most polluting industries in the world, with no signs of slowing down - to bring you an easy way to embrace more sustainable fashion.

Our easy to use clothes hire service delivers the luxury of premium brands with the accessibility of online fast fashion shopping and the ethics of a social enterprise. The most sustainable clothes are always the ones we already have in our wardrobes. But renting from us is almost always a much more sustainable way to enjoy a fresh new look every month than buying new. 

Want to know more about our operational impact on the environment? Check out our environmental policy, or get in touch with your burning questions. 

Social Justice

It will be impossible for everyone to “play their part” in living sustainably, as long as poverty persists in our world. For families struggling to make ends meet on a day-to-day basis, putting additional effort into action to safeguard their longer term future can be virtually impossible. So as long as poverty rates continue to rise in our own country, it gets harder to persuade significant parts of our community to commit to sustainable living.

Furthermore, fashion is an equalities issue, with luxury fashion traditionally being unattainable to those on low incomes. Access to high quality clothing isn’t trivial - it can have lasting impacts: improving job prospects, keeping us warm through winter to reduce energy bills and giving us the emotional armour we sometimes need to face a day, even if we’re simply dropping our kids off at school.  

To widen the scope of our impact, Sioda is partnering with social justice charities to give their clients free access to our clothing when they need it, such as for interviews, funerals, etc. We are proud to have Funeral Link in Dundee on board as our first partner and are actively working to expand in this area.

Anyone interested in partnering with us should contact us:

We are committed to donating portions of our profits to partner charities and environmental organisations. As we expand we will set up a foundation to channel financial support to target this effectively for maximum impact.

Our Mission

We are committed to improving the way UK society consumes fashion and to tackling some of the challenges caused by inequality. We will reduce the environmental impact of the fashion industry by promoting reduced and responsible consumption. We will improve equality by delivering a service accessible to everyone regardless of status. This will include working with partners to help marginalised demographics access our service and ensure the service is genuinely affordable, without compromising our commitment to paying a real living wage to our staff. We will work to understand and deliver on the needs of our customers, employees and others in our supply chains.