How are garments cleaned, including to prevent the spread of viruses such as COVID-19?

When anything is returned to us, including all reusable accessories, they are cleaned meticulously. Based on current guidance, we are confident that our cleaning processes effectively prevent the spread of COVID-19.

We use various thorough cleaning methods and ensure all garments are quality checked and carefully packed, so they are ready to wear when you receive them. Everything goes through a sanitising steam chamber which eliminates influenza and coronavirus, without the use of chemical additives. Once cleaned, our garments are stored covered on rails for protection and cleanliness.

What condition will my clothes arrive in? 

A strict quality assurance check is done on all clothes before they are dispatched to ensure they arrive in pristine condition. We do not send out items we wouldn’t be proud to wear ourselves and are always happy to refund on anything which doesn’t arrive in satisfactory condition. 

What if my order doesn't fit?

We include detailed measurements in each of our listings to help you find products that fit you best and recommend you check these against your own before ordering (check out our handy Guide to Measuring Yourself). If you do find your rentals don't fit, you can swap them within 72 hours of receiving your clothes for £6 (this offsets a portion of the additional postage costs). Or you can return them to us for a full refund (you will be responsible for paying any return postage costs). Please email to arrange. 

If you have a recurring subscription with us, you also have the option to carry over credit to another month. This will be conditional on items being returned to us in their original, unworn condition.  

How soon will my first order arrive?

Your order should arrive within 3-5 business days. Email/text updates will allow you to track your order's progress. 

Do you offer same or next day delivery?

These courier services usually generate additional carbon emissions and for this reason we do not use them. Helping you enjoy environmentally friendly fashion is at the heart of our values. This includes committing to use of the most sustainable transport options available and sustainable same/next day delivery is a service we’re still eagerly waiting for. 

Do you ship internationally?

At this time we only fulfil orders within the UK. Orders must also be returned to us from within the UK. 

How do I return my clothes?

We'll send you a prepaid postage label before your item is due back. Simply print and slip this into the shipping sleeve and Royal Mail will collect from you on the return due date. 

What do I do if I lose my prepaid return label?

Just send your order via recorded delivery to our address below and email us your new tracking information. Please note, in this instance, you will be responsible for covering the cost of this shipment. 

What if I accidentally damage or lose my clothes?

Don’t worry, we understand that mishaps occasionally happen, and insurance is in place for this reason. However, repeated returns of significantly damaged clothing, loss and theft of items are not covered. If an item is not returned, you will be charged the retail price of the item, and we reserve the right to suspend membership where items are repeatedly returned in poor condition. As a care incentive, customers who consistently return clothes in good condition will be given access to our exclusive luxury edit, featuring pieces from the world’s most prestigious fashion designers, at no extra cost! 

What happens if an item arrives damaged?

We are confident this will rarely happen, but if it does, just email us and we’ll send you something new of your choice immediately, or issue you with a refund if preferred. 

Can I wash or dry clean my clothes whilst I’m renting them?

We take care of the laundry for you, so there’s no need! We do include care instructions with each shipment, so if you do decide to freshen anything up, please ensure you do so in line with these instructions. 

Can I tailor my items?

Alterations of any of our items is prohibited, including use of wundaweb. Anything which is sent back altered will incur a £50 fee. However please feel free to use fashion tape to temporarily adjust your pieces. 

Is renting clothes good for the environment? 

The most sustainable clothes are always the ones we already have in our wardrobes. But craving something new to liven up what we already have in there is a familiar feeling for many of us. Whilst buying second hand is the next best thing we can do, many of us feel we don’t have the time or means to successfully shop second hand. Renting is almost always much more sustainable than buying new because it extends the life of clothes once they have been made and reduces the need for more clothes to be manufactured. We take this to the next level, by offering stock which we have sourced second hand, or which has been sustainably manufactured. We also embed sustainable practices throughout as much of our supply chain and operations as possible, to minimise the impacts rental can have on the environment. We’re proud of our world-leading approach and you can read more about this here.