Our Story

Fashion has long been an expressive part of the human experience. Helping you to become the person you wish to be, to project confidence and empower. It makes life more colourful and exciting.

At Sìoda, we believe every woman should be able to access high quality clothes and experience the joy of wearing them. We know, being 4’11” and 5’10” ourselves, it’s hard to find nice clothes that fit. One size doesn’t fit all and quality clothes should be available to everyone.

But today, an extremely competitive fashion market with large advertising budgets and availability of mass low quality clothes, providing endless choice, makes it hard to shop smart.

We want to empower our community of women, giving you the choice of high quality brands, on a rotational basis, at competitive pricing. We strive to foster a community of ‘hirers’, driven by quality, sustainability and style.

Our ultimate vision is to use profits from Sìoda to start a foundation which focuses on social justice and ethical causes.

We’d love you to help shape our journey!

Naomi + Alex


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